Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

Chinese Cyborg Hacker Monkeys


Reports of China developing neural networking technology and experimenting on Rhesus monkeys has shocked members of the scientific community. Accusations that this technology is being used to harness the computing power of the subjects brain and network them together with other subjects to create a biological super computer has created a concern regarding China’s log term goals for this technology.

Several reports of cyber attacks sponsored by the Chinese government have been steadily increasing over recent years. Going to far that charges were filed against several members of the Chinese military ( There targets included but both government and private facilities in a attempt of elicit espionage to gain a economic advantage of US company’s and resources.

First hand reports that networks consisting of up to 100 Rhesus monkeys were created and then utilized to achieve these hacks are disturbing, with the full extent of there network capabilities still unknown. How many monkeys brains can we link together? How far could this technology go if more advanced brains like humans or dolphin were used? Is this why the Japanese kill so many dolphins?

China also recently ended there 35 year one-child policy, allowing for 2 children as of January 1st 2016. There current population is also already over 4 times that of the United States with a staggering 1 billion more people then the US.  So is it a coincidence that they have developed this technology and also repealed the one-child policy. Does the United States government have this same technology? Do we trust our own government when we house the largest prison population on Earth?

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