Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

Monkey Jewelry

Can you see the disdain in that monkeys glare. Have you ever seen a monkey in more need of a flamethrower? This pygmy marmoset was purchase as a accessory for by a wealthy member of Chinese society and will soon regret the life he was forced into. Imagine a life where you are sold at a young age for ~$4,500 and forced to live as a fashion accessory. Feed only the food that the party you were taken to is serving. Being exposed to drugs and alcohol that is to much for you tiny body to endure. Only to be eventually discarded because you defecated on your owes hand.

Is a life treated as a disposable item any way for a living creature to survive? This trend in Chinese high society must come to a end. It is illegal, unmoral and frankly discussing. They are living creatures not a pinky ring.

So what should be done to stop this practice. I for one think that everyone who is opposed to this trend should start keeping at least one butane torch lighter on there person at all times. So if we ever see one of these tiny monkeys grasping for dear life onto someone’s thumb, we can give the monkey a fighting chance by arming them with fire. This animals are small enough that a butane torch could be considered the perfect size flamethrower.

Once the tiny monkeys are armed with there tiny flamethrowers they will be able to achieve freedom from there captors. Allowing them the opportunity to choose how they want to live out the rest of there days. Some may through down there weapons as soon as they escape, but other will undoubtedly chose to continue to fight. To help free there enslaved brethren or possibly fight other injustices against primates.

Who knows what will happen with this movement. But the day that you give a tiny monkey a tiny flamethrower, they will be free and never forget. Not all humans are terrible after all.

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