Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

Nations Zoos Unjustly Imprisoned Primates


In the United States a alarming number of primates are imprisoned without charges levied against them. They have been denied legal consul, have not been charged with any crime and left with no recourse against the people that have put them there. Most of them have been imprisoned there entire lives and they will most likely spend the remainder of there lives with the denial of there most basic rights.

A estimated 95% of the primate population is incarcerated by both private and publicly funded facilities across the U.S., with the remainder living there lives breaking “human laws”. Illegal coexisting with sympathetic humans who have helped to hide them from the oppression of U.S. laws. All these monkeys want is there freedom but they have been denied this by our government. Primates have no representation in any form in the United States government and this has breed a environment where there are objectified and treated like a second class species.

Conditions in the Zoos varies from Zoo to Zoo but reports of prolonged solitary confinement and breeding programs are shocking. If the primates do not comply with Zoo personnel they are often confined in small cages, until they become more docile and cooperative. They are also subjected to medical procedures that the Zoo feels are necessary without any regard for the the primates opinion or personal beliefs. Often the primates are involved in breading programs to bolster the imprisoned population. With the sole purpose to make the Zoos primate programs more profitable with no regard or compensation for the primates involved.

The only reason the conditions are allowed to persist is because the human species does not consider primates to be there equal. As long as the majority of people think this way we will continue to incarcerate nearly the entirety of this species within out countries borders. When will we as a species finally learn our lesson.


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