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Russian Dolphin Partnership


Reports of dolphin attempts to politically align there species with powerful nations has now been confirmed by several media outlets. The Kremlin has officially made a request for 5 dolphins to train in joint exercises with the Russian military. These dolphin will receive specialized training to aid the Russian military in joint operations. All of the information released suggests this is only a attempt to further Russian interests, but what do the dolphins get out of this?

Sources say the dolphins are seeking protection from countries like Japan and that human violence against dolphins have them concerned about humanities plan. Any species is justified in worrying about violence against them, but does that mean humanity should step in to assist the dolphins? Are they not smart enough to defend themselves like any of the good species?

This is not the first time dolphins have tries methods like this, several countries have been been involved in interspecies military operations. The United States, Russia, Ukraine and Iran have all have partnered up with the dolphins in the past and know one knows what the dolphins received as compensation. Some speculate it was fish but other think they received military technology. Begging the question, what does a dolphin do with military technology?

When will the human species learn that we can not trust the dolphins and that the primates are the key. Just because a species breathes air like us does not mean they are our friends. They don’t even have any legs to stand on.

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