Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

The Coconut Conspiracy


Do you drink coconut water or use coconut oil? If so that may have been end result of monkey slave labor. Currently it is believed that macaques are being trained and used in a form on interspecies slave labor in countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. All of this for products they get no benefit from, other then their forced captivity. All so people can gain at the detriment of another species.

This is not the first time that monkeys have been used by humanity for either benefit or entertainment. The Egyptians used monkeys to gather figs and hold torches at their fancy parties. In 1500 there were reports of a monkey that was trained to go get wine from a tavern and bring it back to a governors house. And in 1919 it was reported that trained coconut harvesting macaques were being sold for $8-20. Making them more expensive then a pet monkey.

Imagine living a life where you mother was murdered, you were kidnapped and then sent to a school. This school costs $153 to enroll in and you will be instructed how to climb coconut trees up to 80 feet tall and rotate a ripe coconut until it is no longer attached to the tree. Tethered to you, your handier who instructs you with verbal commands. In control of you because you have a chain attached to your neck. If you do good and pay another $636 you can go to secondary school. Where you will master the ability to put the coconuts in a bag and carry them around. After that has been accomplished you may get the opportunity to go to High School, where you can be trained for any specific purpose requested.

Once you graduate you will have plenty of opportunities for work and often be shown off to tourists. Your workday is 8am to 5pm with the occasional short break. You even get Sundays and Rainy days off work. But when you get time off you are muzzled. Shackled to a tree, stump or shed. You are now a commodity, worth around $1695 working in forced labor for someone else’s benefit. Isolated from contact with other macaques, causing a range of behaviors from extremely submissive to self harming.

In India due to labor shortages there have been reports of increased use of monkeys to harvest coconuts. Thailand has been using monkeys to gather coconuts for at least 400 years. It has been speculated that 99% of all coconuts picked in Thailand are picked by our primate relatives.

Male macaques are capable of harvesting up to 1,600 coconuts a day, female 600 and humans 80. It has been said that it is safer for primates to harvest coconuts. 600 people die every year gathering coconuts. One of which was monkey owner in Thailand whose monkey dropped a coconut on his head. Killing him instantly.

I only have one question. If I go to the local grocery store and buy a coconut or coconut based product, did it come from the hands of a monkey?

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