Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

The Time is Meow


Yesterday this websites defenses were penetrated by a unknown assailant using my log in credentials. Since this sites creation there has been constant attacks attempting to gain access. All have failed until yesterday. The only place my password for this site is stored is on a encrypted laptop that I hide somewhere next to a monkey or two. The monkeys obviously had nothing to do with this crime, so I am left with only one conclusion. The Dolphins have figured out my plan and have started a counter attack of there own.

As this sight had previous reported, the Russians and the Dolphins have been working on rekindling there partnership. Now we all know that if you want a hacker Russia is the place to go or at least were I would go. So is it just coincidence that this sight was hacked? I dont think so. I think that the Russians and the Dolphins never stop working together and that the recent news was only them finally making it public knowledge again. As a rational human being can not understand why Russia would side with the Dolphins instead of our primate cousins. But they have made there bed and trust me when I say, they will lie in it.

Several new security precautions have now been implemented to protect myself and this site. First all magnetic media has gone though the equivalent of a low level level government wipe. Then holes were drilled through all of the discs. After a quick hammering they were shredded and then mixed together and placed in 7 different bags and disposed of in 7 different counties in random locations. Myself and this site have never before achieved a level of security this serious.

The plan is set. The pieces are all in place on the board. No minor counter attack could stop it now. You are either on there side or ours. So where do you stand?

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