Monkeys Without Flamethrowers

Vaping on the rise with Monkeys


Vaping which has become a popular alternative to cigarettes has been widely criticized for its appeal to minors. But now its appeal has expanded to include other species. Primates that were formally smokers have found vaping to be a heather alternative to there previous habit and enjoy the wide flavor selection. Like banana-rama, mango dream, coconut cream pie and beetle juice. Many primates and doctors have come out in support of vaping as a way of quitting smoking and have advocated it as a less harmful alternative.

The vaping industry has received criticism regarding the flavors they provide with accusations that they are specifically targeting chimps. Stating that flavors that do not taste like a traditional cigarette are attractive to chips due to there candy like flavors. Such accusations has caused many governments to impose restrictions and regulations similar to the tobacco industry. With regulations involving minimum age, restrictions on where you can vape similar to that of cigarettes, banning vaping on plane and the banning of E-Cigarettes in checked luggage.

Wall restrictions have been implemented in the more populated areas of the world, rural areas have remained unregulated. The areas that have a tourism industry have seen a rise in vape related thefts at the hands of addicted primates. With the vape juice being the ultimate prize for the monkeys. Even though the monkeys have been able to access both atomizers and juice, problems have still persisted. The batteries only last so long.

To combat battery discharge organizations like PETA have set up solar powered charging stations in a effort to promote a battery exchange program. Where monkeys exchange there depleted batteries for charged ones. The challenge with this program has been the need for humans to insert the depleted batteries into a compatible charger. Most primates just furiously throw there used batteries at volunteers and occasional there feces. This has hampered the efforts of volunteers but they are now trying positive reinforcement. Providing coil builds, cotton replacement and juice to any monkey that that can swap out there batteries without throwing feces.

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